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The Beauty of Moluccas

Almost a year i live in this island. Name of this island is Moluccas (Maluku Province), it takes 4 hours flight from my home town Jakarta (capital city of Indonesia)

I stayed in Ambon capital of Maluku Province,

but frequently travel to outside Ambon (such as West Ceram, Central Maluku, Southeast Maluku, Aru Island, etc) for working purposes :D.   Field Visit at Southeast Maluku, Langgur District 😀

The Famous Duurstede Castle , Saparua Island, Central Maluku

Liang Beach in Central Maluku

West Ceram Island taken from Liang Beach

Joyful Activities are Capture in  Aru Island, Maikoor Island


Arafuru Ocean – Aru District

The Land that Rich of Spices&Fisheries Product

Rising Generation : Joyful Youth : Peace Maker : Change Agent : Unity in Diversity

I am so bless working in this beautiful island. God Bless this beautiful island and all the people 😀

By 9reat9

Love writer and hunter

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